Hi im van , im also new here. Im 23 yrs old. past years i dont have any problem with my eyesight. 20/20 until last april 2017. my vision starts fading up like a shadow. and seeing floaters and i can count them. after 2 months. o decided to consult an optha and the doctor found out that i have cataract build up both eyes.. But I can still handle my vision. i can see all small fonts and still 20/20 and disregarding the fading part. its like double vision but its fading up .Floaters is my concern.From april i can count floaters that i see, but now after 8 months they are countless. everytime i look in a plane view. like skies. Should i consult an optha again? Thanks. Godbless

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Yes you should! Don't wait. Please keep us updated and good luck and hope it works out well for you!

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thanks :)


Hi van, I agree with basirose. Any changes to your vision, including more floaters, needs to be checked out.

Best wishes to you going forward, have a happy Xmas.

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Hello Van,

Sorry to learn about your floaters and cataracts.

Whilst it is not a macular condition, we do have a factsheets about both cataracts and floaters at the Macular Society.

If you would like copies, please email the Macular Society at help@macularsociety.org

The other posters are right and you should consult a hospital eye unit or at least an optometrist at an opticians if you have any noticeable change in your sight.

Best wishes

Macular Society

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Hi leouin

I agree with everyone else. Always have things checked out if you are concerned, if only to put your mind at rest. Best to be safe than sorry. You are so very young for eye problems, which is extremely unfortunate and sad.

Floaters are debris from broken down cells floating around in the vitreous gel in your eye and cast their shadows on the retina and macula which you then see as spots, strings or cobwebs. The debris may come from the retina or from the cataracts. The cataracts may well account for your double vision.

I have countless floaters in my right eye with dry AMD and severe cataract. I see them all the time, not just when looking at a clear, light surface. One floater is quite large. They have been there for over 2 years and gradually increased in number over time, while in my left eye with wet AMD and slightly less severe cataract there are far fewer floaters and are far less prominent so that the vision in my right eye is only marginally better than in my left with the wet AMD.

So, indeed, have it checked out. Wishing you all the best.


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