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Eyelea injection and slightly low blood pressure

i am due for my 8th eyelea injection on Monday. My GP is currently investigating my slightly low blood pressure, but I have no result yet. I am not unduly concerned as I have been known to have had a slow pulse many, many yeas ago. So it may well be natural for me. What I am wondering is, could the eyelea exacerbate the situation? Has anyone else here low blood pressure?

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Hi there no not low blood pressure I have recently been found to have an unconnected loud heart murmur which has triggered and urgent referral to a cardiologist. I do have diabetes though so blood pressure can be higher with that. Hope you are ok

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Thank you for your reply, tallyho. I know that high BP is a more common ocurrent and carries more risks. So, I am not too worried. I shall just mention it at the clinic tomorrow. What worries me slightly more is that I have just got over a really nasty cold that lasted almost 3 weeks. Although it is gone now I have still a somewhat chesty cough. I wonder if they may postpone the injection?

I hope everything goes ok for you.

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when I asked about colds and coughs they said it wouldn't matter as long as it didn't stop me keeping still11 Hope all goes well


I don’t think you need be concerned about the cold. The injection is a procedure rather than an operation.

So longer as you avoid rubbing your eye you should have no worries.


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