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A bit of reassurance to 1st timers!


Just to say the fear of the injection is far far worse than the actual injection! Don't be scared to ask to hold a nurses hand . .it helps. It's pretty quick so you may be waiting to feel something when it's actually been done! Make sure you get some drops for afterwards . .the only thing that's caused discomfort is the iodine wash leaving gritty crystals. After 2 injections my eyes had already shown improvement. My elder brother is having same treatment and oldest brother is registered blind as treatment not available when his developed. Obvious genetic component so tell your relatives about it just in case. God luck to all!

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That was good luck but God luck if it helps!,

That was good, hope the injection helps.


I have had a nurse hold my hand several times. ;-) I drew the line when the male nurse offered, to our mutual relief. ;-)

yotboy in reply to Hidden

Enough information!

Why? He's a nurse! I let female nurses hold my hand and there's no implication . . . Last one was the doctor training up people to do injections . .( now that's scarey when you're being practiced on) She said I had a very strong grip!

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I don't really eally need to hold hands I have had no pain in 73 pokes in the eye. 😆

I found it very reassuring if someone holds my hand, but otherwise I tell myself to relax and pray.

I use deep breathing which helps tremendously. I'm not sure what you are praying for though.

I repeatedly count backwards in my head 5,4,3,2,1. And hold any hand offered!

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