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Retinal distortion

I'm male, aged 59 and recently visited my optician for my 2 year eye test. After doing a grid test on my right eye (short sighted), where there were wavy/distorted lines around the middle of the grid, the optician said I had retinal distortion, which was age related and likely to get worse with age. But he didn't say anything about further investigation. I wear glasses and the distortion doesn't give me any problems- other than I'm more aware of it and wondering how it will deteriorate and perhaps progress to my left eye, which will then cause me more significant issues. Should I visit my GP and see about investigation by an opthalmologist? Thanks.

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Hi Pm2017

I would suggest strongly that you see your GP and ask for a referral to an opthalmogist. First of all, your optician may not have the up-to-date equipment that eye clinics have to see in detail what is going on in your eye. There ould be several causes I could think of for the distortion, but I will not attempt to explain here - I'll leave that to the experts. But do have your eyes checked by a specialist and do not be fobbed off. It is your eyesight you are trying to protect.

Good luck.

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I thoroughly agree!


Thanks to you & others for helpful feedback.


Hi pm2017, I agree with ayayay.

Also, print off the amsler grid and while you wait to see the experts check the distortion isn't worsening. If it does or if you get a grey blurry patch in central vision or flashing lights go straight to a&e who will have an on call eye consultant.

As ayayay says, many eye conditions exist but best to take no chances as any damage may not be reversible but might be stabilized with prompt treatment.


Hi Pm2017,

At a guess, your optician has probably diagnosed you with 'myopic macular degeneration', as you mention that you are short sighted?

It would be a good idea to get a referral to see a hospital ophthalmologist for a firm diagnosis.

The Macular Society have a factsheet about 'Myopic Macular Degeneration'. If you would like a copy, please email your request to help@macularsociety.org, or call our helpline 0300 30 30 111 (9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday).

Finally, if you would like 6 months free membership of the Macular Society, please see the following link for more information;


Best wishes

Macular Society


I would go back to the opticians and ask for a referral to The Eye hospital immediately. In the UK you don't need to go to a GP. My optician gave me a referral there and then and a phone number at the hospital. I went home and rang . I had an appointment within a week. I took the referral with me - it was just a handwritten one line note! They diagnosed Macular degeneation. A lot of GPS don't know much about eyes and do t understand the urgency.


Go to your GP and sort a referral or go to your eye hospital don't delay


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