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Eyelea at 4 month break

I had an Oct done on 8/25/17 after a 4 month break from Eyelea injection. My vision in the treated eye has been finger counting only. The new picture from the oct was not good. The macular edema returned 4+. I had another Eyelea injection and I return in 1 month. The betadine prep is usually worse than the injection. This time I purchased a bottle of eye wash just like the one they use post injection. I used the wash and it made a huge difference. I used eye drops but I also rinsed it frequently with sterile eye wash. Eyesright hang in there.

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Hi codeblack. I'm hanging in there - been off to Ireland on a fabulous clan gathering and just got home.

I forget your condition - I've brvo and gone from inj to steroid implant. Don't know if that's an option for you?. My 4 week review was good, next one at 12 weeks will be the real test! One good thing of all this is its made me finish my first novel - after 10 years of dallying lol.

Keep smiling x


What a great post. I hope you are already starting your second novel. I have the brvo and my problem is the macular edema. I hope you get a great 4 month report.

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