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Myopic wet degeneration left eye

Hi I'm daddy

Feeling very down I noticed the white lines in the road were wavy some 2 yrs ago so after waiting a couple of wks went to Drs then she sent me to hosp. Had tests ECT few wks later had 3 luesentis jabs consultant delighted with results almost no damage. Then a few maths later a small reacurrance so straight away 3 more jabs leaving a small bit of damage. Unfortunately I've been reading and now seem to have read all the bad things that can happen and I'm feeling depressed had my l eye cataract done 2 wks ago wavy lines still there but much clearer seems slightly worse but I think that cos I can see more. I had my last jab 18 months ago I hope it last my life out I'm not usually lucky but please keep everything dad for me I wish u all well God bless daffy x it's helped talking.

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hello, from my experience the wavy lines are caused from the damage MD does to the lens of the eye.

I have wet in my left eye and dry in the other. My wet eye gets injections not my right.

I too have cataracts in both eyes, tho doc says no surgery to remove the cataracts as yet

my wet eye improved rather miraculously after...dont he scared now..4 years of injections, so don't get too discouraged 😊

I changed my diet entirely about a 8 months ago and I attribute the massive improvement to diet. I went on an anti-inflammatory diet as I believe inflammation is/was a big part of my vision problem...i believe the optic nerve was suffering from inflammation for decades.

I began with eliminating eating anything the color white..especially sugar. Over time I eliminated different foods and noted how I felt.

all I can say is I'm driving my car again 😊 🚗 😊, however the MD has destroyed my ability to read a book or computer screen. Assistive technology may help with both, I'm on a long waiting list to get poor so I must rely on the State to help me do that.

what I noticed is that I had to learn to see again after tho improvement as I hadn't seen this clearly in years.

hope this helped.

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Hello daddy.

I sympathise with you. We all have had our moments of depression and anxiety and still go through this mill even now from time to time. Try to think of the good things in your life instead of worrying about what may or may not happen. Stress can sometimes make matters worse.

The wavy lines you see are most likely the result of damage to the macula rather than the lens (sorry hollyg) and is probably going to be permanent, but there is no reason that they should get worse providing you get treatment as soon as wet AMD re-occurs. As you rightly say, the removal of the cataract or rather the lens, which will have been replaced by a brandnew artificial lens, will have made the wavy lines a little sharper. Check your eyes carefully and regularly, not only on the Amsler grid but also on other items that are at different distances away from you. I use 2 different pictures on my wall with different distances away from me and always in the evening when the lighting is the same. It gives me a fair guide when things are changing.

Please do not feel alone with your problems. We are here to listen and to support you whenever you feel the need to share your concerns. Even though your particular eye condition may vary from ours, in reality we are all in the same boat, trying to hold on to our eyesight.

All the best


It is possibly due to the surgery which may cause some fluid. I hope it will settle down for you in time, just been looking this up yesterday.


Hi mabelcat, hang in there x You can't change what has already happened but you can decide not to let it wipe out all the good in your life. Please try not to worry about what might be - it might not be too so that's just a waste of energy and time you could be thinking/doing stuff that makes you happy. Make the most of every day . Wishing you well going forward x

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Hi Mabelcat,

Sorry to learn about the wavy lines. As other posters explained, this is as a result of damage to the macular.

If you would like to have a chat with the Macular Society helpline, please call us on 0300 30 30 111 (9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday).

Best wishes

Macular Society

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