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Cataracts: Two eyes at the same time?

Please forgive me taking up time on the Macular site, but I don't know where else to go for advice and I'm thinking most of us will have had cataracts removed.

My sister, who lives in Sweden, is due to have cataracts removed next month, but she has been told they will do both at the same time. I have always understood that in the UK we do one at a time in case of a misshap. She has asked for my advice, is hard of hearing and worried. Anyone know if it is OK to have both eyes done at the same time.

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Hi maritravel

You are quite right. I have never heard of anyone having cataracts removed in both eyes at the same time for the reason you stated. There is always at least a 6 week interval between the two ops to allow the eye to recover. It would also be most distressing to have two sore eyes at the same time and it would be quite a lenghty procedure too.


Thank you very much for confirming what I believe to be the case. I am going to advise my sister to tell her consultant that she wants only the one eye done. Apparently, in Sweden, they routinely do both eyes at the same time. It's some time since I had cataracts removed and I can't remember how I felt afterwards, but having had calcium deposits removed in March and now with WMD, I certainly wouldn't want both my eyes to be out of action at the same time!

Thanks again.l

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I'm English but I live in America and they do them one at a time over here too! So that's two countries and millions of doctors who confirm your doubt.


I've never known anyone have two cataracts removed at the same time.

In the UK it's one eye, then recovery then the other eye done. Best wishes

To your sister.


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