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Permanent blurring after macular hole repair for dry AMD

I had a repair on a macular hole in my right eye back in March I think and was asked to posture for 3 days because of chronic arthritis, which I extended to about 8-9 days. I was left with only a slightly smaller grey blind area in the centre of my eye, and still getting distortions. When I returned to Brighton eye hospital for tests I told them this and that I had a lot of blurring which they claimed was due to the cataract forming. A few days ago I saw another opthalmologist locally who said that removing the cataract would not much improve the blurring and having new specs would make NO difference at all. I so wish I hadn't had the op now. He said nothing would be gained by having the cataract removed now and will remove it mid '18, but I was not to expect much improvement. Has anyone else wound up worse off after this kind of op?

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Dear lana59,

I am sorry to read about your concerns.

The ophthalmologist would not have suggested a macular hole operation unless it was necessary. It may be worth you ringing the secretary of the ophthalmologist that you saw about your macular hole and discussing your concerns about both the operation, outcome and your cataracts. It is up to the ophthalmologists to weigh up the risks and benefits of any procedure.

Kind regards,

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