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Hello all,

I have Wet macular degeneration in my right eye. I was diagnosed some 3/4 years ago and to date have had about 43 lucentis injections. I have been told that I have a cataract in my bad eye.....waiting to see consultant next month for an opinion on whether it's worth having the cataract removed. Just wondering whether there might be someone out there who might have experienced same and if so what was the outcome. I would be ever so grateful if you would share your experience please. Thank you very much.

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  • Hello 123derlwyn,

    I am sure that others will share their experiences.

    It is quite unusual for a consultant ophthalmologist to undertake a cataract operation when someone is being treated for wet macular degeneration, but sometimes when sight gets very poor a cataract operation is carried out.

    Have a look at our cataracts factsheet at the following link for more information;

    Best wishes


    Macular Society

  • Hello Macular_1

    Thank you very much for your reply and for the information. Most helpful and has clarified a few things for me. My left eye is good and with that in mind, I am now doubtful whether they would consider a cataract operation.

    The information makes sense in that I am sure my peripheral vision is affected.

    Still, I have to thank my lucky stars for my left good eye!!

  • I hope all goes well- a hard time for you

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