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Help with Charles Bonnet Syndrome

If anyone has any suggestions or know of anything that might help a sufferer of Charles Bonnet Syndrome - who is having constant extremely disturbing hallucinations, which are disrupting their daily activities and preventing them getting a good nights sleep. It would be appreciated. Has been prescribed anti-psychotic drugs but side effects are extreme.

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The macular society have an info leaflet and helpline on this. Sorry not got the tel number to hand but it's on their website.


It is a condition which I gather tends to last for around 18months. There is a doc here in the UK researching the condition whom I know would welcome talking to any sufferers although he does not offer any cure.

I could probably dig out his details.


Hello Sharpay,

Charles Bonnet Syndrome can be a very distressing condition.

Please see our information booklet about Charles Bonnet Syndrome at the following link;

If you call the Macular Society helpline, on 0300 30 30 111 (9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday) we can discuss our free telephone counselling which has helped a lot of callers with the condition.

Again, please see our booklet called 'The Emotional Impact of Sight Loss' at the following link;

Best wishes


Macular Society


ive heard of people with this distressing condition ....ring Macula society im sure they can help ...wishing you a peaceful night sleep xxxxxxxx


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