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timing of injections and any info on endopthalmitis appreciated

Hi all,

I had a thirds eyelea injection for BRVO today and, whilst I had been told at the first injection appointment, it would be every two months from this point, my next injection is in 6 weeks time- the doctor i saw said that as there is still oedema present things might deteriorate if it was left for two months.

I'd be grateful to hear others' experiences re timing please. My sight is very much better now and I'm grateful they are being careful like this- just wondered what to expect.

I also asked about the length of time in which endopthalmitis can occur after injections - hoped that if it it is unlikely after a month I could go away in between 2 injections but was told it can be longer than a month before evidenced- depends on microbe involved- wondered what people think about this?

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Hi Rosy

Glad your eye sight has improved. As far as endopthalmitis is concerned - it is difficult to predict when that may or may not occur. Also, it may or may not cause pain, depending, as you say, what bacteria are involved and how your body reacts. The condition can actually be caused by injections amongst other things. Have you had any problems with it in the past? Sorry I can't tell you more about it, but I am sure you can go away between the injections if you plan it between a week after and two weeks before the next one, though I would not risk going abroad. Take care. xxx


Thank you Ayayay

I think that's good advice- I haven't suffered from it (yet) but planning so can get treatment in good time if needed

I hope all is going well you you at present?


Dear rosyG,

It is obviously your ophthalmologist who determines the best course of treatment for your eyes.

It may be wise to return to them with any concerns or unanswered questions.

You are always welcome to contact us on the macular Society helpline for further discussion.

The Macular Society helpline is open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday on 0300 3030 111.

Kind regards,


Dear Rosalyn,

Thank you- I think I asked all my questions yesterday but like to see what others' experiences have been re timing and post injection problems

best wishes


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