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I am 72 years young and in good health however I have the beginning of dry M D and start of cataracts, although I read the forum I try not to dwell on what might happen to my sight in the future.

I have been taking a MacuShield supplement daily (there seem to be a lot of slightly different types and not sure which sort are the best) and live life to the full.

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Hi, sounds like you have a good positive attitude. Best wishes for the future x

I think the macular society have info on the best supplements.


Hello Lesley-Margaret,

I am sorry to learn about your dry macular degeneration.

There are not many things that someone with Dry Macular Degeneration, (MD), can do to slow progress, but the following should help;

1)Eat a balanced diet with a good intake of leafy green vegetables such as Kale, Spinach and Broccoli as often as possible. Consider taking a vitamin supplement; there are a number specifically made for those with dry MD; your Pharmacist, GP or eye care specialist can advise you on diet and supplements. The following booklet, ‘Nutrition and your Eyes’ gives more information;

2)Do not smoke.

3)Protect your eyes from the sunshine. Wear a good pair of sunglasses which have UV protection, and preferably with blue light protection as well. It is also a good idea to wear a wide brimmed hat on sunny days to cast a shadow over your eyes. If lying in the sun, just closing your eyes does not protect them; the rays of the sun will penetrate your eyelids and cause damage to your macular and retina. The following booklet; ‘Protecting your Eyes’ expands on this;

4)If you are able, do a little exercise on a regular basis to get your heart pumping; but be careful not to overdo it if you have other health issues! Maintaining a healthy weight is of course beneficial.

You may also find it beneficial to become a member of the Macular Society. We are currently offering 6 months free membership, please see the following link;

Best wishes


Macular Society


It is unfortunate that this condition does not seem to have a cure. I keep taking the supplements, but I fear it will not have much effect. Good to hear that you have such a positive outlook and I hope that research is being done in this area. The thought of not being able to read, or see people's faces is not a happy one.



Dont know if this helps but my Consultant recommends Macushield Gold for all his patients. As i trust him implicitly having saved the sight in my right eye a few years ago & now trying with the left, both affected by wet AMD i do as he says & take this supplement regularly now!

Its a case of try & see what suits you best thought.

Love & Hugs.


Optician yesterday and had a thorough check including Amsler grid no change from last time but discussed UV glasses and supplements. Although my prescription has not changed (for several years now) decided on new UV varifocals, but was surprised to learn that ordinary lenses block some UV light. Like my GP the optician said that as I got at least my five a day (I'm a vegetarian or Vulcan as my colleagues used to say) there was really no need for supplements.

I'm not boasting, like others when I was told I had AMD last June I was very concerned, especially when told it could be months when the condition worsened. It's now months and my eyes are "very good for someone my age". For those who have been recently diagnosed and like all of us in the weeks after being told are very concerned, this gives some comfort.


"Live life to the full" - great attitude! I personally believe that a positive mindset brings positive results, so carry on!

With regards to supplements, both my Consultant and Pharmacist recommends an AREDS2 product; I personally take Vision Defender AMD and my last eye check up was better than expected, which I'm very happy about.

Hope it all goes well with you!


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