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Hi last week i noticed letters/straight lines were looking wavey.. so on friday i went straight to the a&e eye hospital in bristol.. had the drops put in my eyes and then had the photo taken on my left eye.. doctor called me in.. looked into my eyes than shown my the pic taken of my left eye.. said theres is a small dark bit in the middle.. he said to make sure he would reffer me to retina consultant.. as there could be lesions there.. well thats what i think he said.. he did mention the macular.. not sure if he said wet or dry... think he said dry... he did say would here by letter.. by 2 weeks... been googling like mad all weekend.. i do drive for a living.. so i do notice.. this wavey vision... on lines... buildings.. when i cover my right eye.. i am 42yrs old.. i do feel in limbo at the moment.. erm pretty worried... thx

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  • Hi Paul, the wavy lines is a common symptom of a range of macular conditions and must be monitored. Did they give you an Amsler grid? If not download one off the net and check regularly.if it gets worse go straight to a&e.

    It is scary waiting and so easy to forget what they said - suggest you ring the eye clinic today and ask them to repeat the diagnosis to you and also to explain exactly what you will get in 2 weeks.

    Then imnediately call the Macular Society 03003030111, tell them the info, and they can give you specific advice (different conditions have different treatment n outlook).

    That way you can eliminate a whole range of fears and start to get to grips with reality. Also there are guidelines how quickly you should be seen by eye clinic etc and Mac soc can tell you this.

    This forum is bound to have someone who has whatever you have so come back for on going support. You are not alone. We are all ages, working and not, and understand absolutely the trauma of being told there's a macular problem.

    Best of luck to you going forward, sending a hug x

  • Hi it sounds very much what I had . I had a bleed in my left eye and at first I just noticed the dark spot . You need to call them as I think two weeks is too long a wait . I had a course of three injections in my eye that stop the bleed but sadly due to scar tissue My sight is wavy through my left eye thankfully my right eye corrects it . I'm 36 . It has caused my problems due to my job but I can still drive . Just live in fear it will happen in my right eye .

    Sadly I have always felt that there was a lack of support for younger people . As they are so used to dealing with AMD .

    I would follow up and make sure your seen

  • Hello Paul,

    You need to find out if the doctor suspects wet or dry macular degeneration, or another macular condition. At the age of 42 it will not be an 'age related condition'.

    If it is wet macular degeneration then a wait of 2 weeks is a bit long.

    Please see the following document which gives you more guidance on the timescales for diagnosis and treatment if appropriate;


    If you would like a chat with our helpline for a bit of guidance, please call us on 0300 30 30 111 (9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday).

    Best wishes


    Macular Society

  • Hi. I had macula haemorrhage 8 years ago in right eye and was diagnosed with chronic CSR in left. I have funding for pd t using visuldyne therapy. I can no longer work or drive. Get a diagnosis ASAP.

  • hi just an update.. first off thanks to the helpline staff i spoke to the other days.. you were so helpful... and the posters..

    right yesterday morning (tuesday) i recieved a letter reffering me the to retinal team at bristol eye for the 30th august..i decided i need to get in quicker.. so i decided to pay and see a eye/mac consultant in bristol this morning (wednesday).. he was brilliant.. he done what he said he was going to do.. he got hold of my scansin the afternoon.. and has got me in bristol eye for friday morning on a urgent.. so i can have all the test done.. so all i can do now is just see how it goes friday with the diagnosis... trying not to think of it to much at the moment as the past few days i have been driving my self mad... it is kind of mad because in the work do.. i am in and of all the hospitals in bristol... and i now find myself in need of them..

    will prob ring the help number again.. once i find out whats going on.. and will go from there... thx

  • Dear Paul

    I've just been diagnosed myself with wet Mac degeneration and have had my first injection. You Gotta get seen asap but these days there are very positive results. Good luck and keep us posted. Shame you had to pay. Fingers crossed for Fruday remember it's marvellous wot they can do. Hugs from Squinty x

  • On Fri ask about chronic CSR also - there is an additional test (ICG) for this. I was treated for wet MD but was later told after 7 injection for wet AMD and ICG test that I had chronic CSR

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