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Flashing Lights

Had flashing lights yesterday, scary as one doesnt know what to do. I went to check it out at the Western Eye, they are so kind there and I managed to get checked out and it was ok. Im lucky that I live so near the hospital, as its really frightening to think something might be going wrong with the retina and you need that bit of reassurance. My injected eye is ok, they checked that so it really did put my mind at rest. Now I need to take some vitemins for the eyes. I was recommended Ocuvite Preservation (Lutein) has anyone tried these?

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Hi squinty, glad things are ok. You did the right thing going to the experts.

Don't know about the vitamins myself but there was a thread on here recently 're the AREDS2 where a consultant recommended Macushield.

Take care, have a good weekend.

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Hi Squinty you did the right thing getting checked. A while ago i wondered about the Areds2 vitamins as there are a few on the market now & a blog i read seemed to be against them.

I had been taking Macushield then saw a leaflet on Viteyes. Asked one of the do tors at the Eye clinic whosaid get on them, so i did.

Worrying after reading the blog iasmed at the Eye clinic during my appointment last week & was told our Consultant recommended Macushield Gold. So one finished the Viteyes i have i will go back on Macushield Gold as i trust Mr Patels advice.

Hope this helps & take care 😊


Hi Squinty,

You did the right thing to get yours eyes checked.

Eyesright and Cormorin are right about AREDS2 supplements. For more details please see our booklet called 'Nutrition and Eye Health' at the following link;

Please give the society helpline a call on 0300 30 30 111 (9.00am to 5.00pm Monday To Friday) if you would like to have a chat about them.

Best wishes


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flashing lights in both eyes for me. They're called eye migraines , I get flashing lights less frequently now , I'm about 2 years in with my treatments.


Hello hope you are doing well. I have come across your post regarding flashing lights I suffer from them more so recently and they have intensified. I just wanted to know what your experience was, it’s good to know as bad as it sounds I’m not alone. Did you say you got treatment for yours?. If you did what was recommended by the doctor?. It’s really frightening to be honest. Wish you all the best. Many thanks.


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