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It has only recently dawned on me that my father had AMD. It was a long time ago and no one gave it a name that I know of. He wasn't completely blind but he couldn't see details, like a photo I was showing him. Does anyone know if inherited AMD is less receptive to treatment? This might sound odd but I lived overseas for many years and only saw my parents occasionally. No emails and internet in those days!

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Mine isn't; according to my surgeon my results are in the highest % for those with Wet ArMD- I have wet in one and dry in the other and now have a cataract forming.


My mother has AMD and glaucoma and cataract she has always had extreme shorted sightedness which was passed to myself and sister . . At the age of 35 I had a bleed on my right eye and have lost the central vision in that eye . I got told I had pathological myopia which is similar to WMD which I have no doubt I have inherited from my mother and due to this will now not have children due to fears of passing it on to them and making them blind . It's destroyed my life and just pray medical research will come through for me .


Hello Sophie,

I don't have the answer to your question and I am not sure that anyone does at present. I am not aware of any research that has looked into this as the causes are not usually taken into account when standard treatment is given so that would be needed before any study could be undertaken.

There certainly is research into genetic causes. AMD can be caused by a variety of factors and genes are quite high up in the list but isolating the specific cause in any one person is probably very difficult. Smoking and excessive exposure to sunlight are two other factors and it is not an easy undertaking to weight them.

I recommend ringing the Macular Society's Helpline on any weekday - 0300 3030111. They will have up to date information.

You can also look at two downloadable leaflets through this link One is under the title 'Living with macular Conditions' and the other under 'Factsheets'.

The previous two responses are not terribly positive or indicative! Many people who are affected by AMD or other macular dystrophies overcome the difficulties very successfully and refuse to let the condition get in the way of enjoying life. There is an enormous amount of practical, social and emotional support for those who are ready to accept it.

Best Wishes,


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Hello Sophie,

If a parent had AMD then you are going to be more predisposed to developing it.

Could I ask how old you are?

The main cause of AMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration) is however age.

There can be other causes such as diabetes, high myopia (short sightedness) and genetic dystrophies.

If you would like to have a chat, please call our helpline on 0300 30 30 111 (9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday).

Best wishes


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Hi Andy, I'm 83 years young. Unfortunately I also have hearing aids and avoid using the phone if possible.


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