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Hi just read an article by a Consultant who states that there is no recommendations for any Areds2 formula & that the amounts of vitamins in them can be dangerous & lead to a higher chance of developing Dementia & some vitamins may make Amd worse.

Does anyone know anything more on this subject as some time ago I received a leaflet from Macular Society recommending Viteyes?. When I asked my Consultant about this he said to get on the capsules as soon as, which I did.

I am now wondering who to believe & what to do for the best as I have just bought another 90days supply from Butterflies (the supplier of Viteyes).

Any help would be appreciated not just for myself but from anyone else taking these supplements please?

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Don't know the answer to this but it's the same with statins - some drs say ok, others no. I take statins but have developed conditions which happen to be in the side effects list. Going to speak to my gp soon but I bet she won't agree it's the meds as she put me on them lol.

I would see what Mac soc say.


An interesting point, thank you for raising it cormorin. My 93 year old Mum has been on Viteyes since her wet AMD was diagnosed about four years ago. Surprised you are having to buy yours as hers have been added to prescription? Mum does however find the large capsules quite difficult to swallow and I asked the consultant last time whether there was a liquid form or something else she could take. He said don't worry about it, keep taking them while she can but just stop if they become too troublesome and he doubted the omission would cause any perceptible difference.

Interesting also to see eyesright comment re statins as that's something we knocked out a few years ago now with concerns for her aching joints and dementia. People are not supposed to get better once dementia is diagnosed. Mum was diagnosed in 2004 and, while she definitely has some short term memory problems, she is mercifully much better than she was 10 years ago.

However, my mother-in-law 94 still living alone and doing her own shopping, cooking, cleaning etc and refusing help, has been on statins for years and does not appear to be suffering from any unpleasant side effects.

I guess many medicines affect different people in different ways so it's good to try them and see if they work OK for you. Good luck!

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Hello rooky17,

Please see:

This indicates which Viteyes capsules can be pulled apart to be taken with food.

Kind regards,

Macular Society Helpline

0300 3030 111


Thank you Roslyn, I'll look into that for Mum.


Regarding statins, my GP has said that studies has shown the benefits of taking it but in a population of millions, there are always going to be a percentage of people who have side effects. Much like what rooky17 said, it's very much a case of trying it and see and to stop the statin if it causes problems. I'm guessing it's much the same for areds2. I'm taking another brand of areds2 called Vision Defender AMD from Intelligent Formula and I've not had any problems with it. I suppose that vitamins are less likely to be a problem than "proper" drugs anyway and I would rather take a vitamin than a drug!


Hi cormorin, I read with interest your comment. I was told earlier this year that I had AMD by my optician & was told to read about AREDs & because I don't eat dark green veggies I might try a Lutein & Zeaxanthin supplement. I have since been taking Lutigold Extra from Holland & Barrett's. Would be interested to know any more details too.


Thanks to you all for your replies, I think Mac Soc will probably be able to tell more after the weekend.

There are several different types of the Ared2 formula that I have heard of but chose Viteyes as it was recommended by Mac Soc at the time & then endorsed by my Consultant.

So will see what Mac Soc say & if they are not sure will see what is said at my next appointment in a few weeks.


My husband has WMD and I buy Macushield. The consultants and dr's at the hospital know he takes them. He was told that green vegetables would be cheaper but he is never going to eat those.


Hello Amanda58, Macushield is the first one that i tried before being told about Viteyes.

Was happy with that till told to change. After reading the report i mentioned i now wonder about any of the brands.

Have to wait & see.


The consultant I saw strongly recommended taking an AREDS2 supplement and mentioned Viteyes too. I agree that the tablets are rather large to swallow. I used to take Macushield but I understand that the Viteyes formula is fully consistent with the AREDS recommended dose, and that is why it is recommended.


Surjeet 68

I have been taking Areds 2 for two years, few months ago I started to wonder if I may get side effects later in life.

I am going to see my GP next week and will seek her view on this.

I will also be writing to the Macular Society to check on this.

Another way is to eat lots of greens and kale and reduce the intake of Areds2 by one tablet a day instead of two.

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Dear Cormorin,

The area of nutrition and supplements is an extremely complex one. In terms of supplements, medical professionals are often divided in their opinion on the potential benefits of supplements. Different trials focus on different aspects of this area and their findings sometimes vary and indeed sometimes can conflict.

The AREDS2 formula that you refer to is based on the findings of the Age related Eye Disease Study (AREDS). Please see:

It is always advisable to consultant with your GP or other medical professional before embarking on taking supplements. It is up to them to weigh up any potential risks and benefits on your behalf. They can check for any potential conflict with any existing medication or medical conditions.

Since your own consultant has suggested that you take Viteyes2, it may be advisable to ring their secretary and pose any questions you would like addressed in relation to this, as they obviously have access to your medical records.

We do not recommend any supplements. The manufacturers of Viteyes paid to advertise in e.g. our publication Sideview. However, we do mention those supplements that we know do comply with the findings of the AREDS trials if asked, as otherwise, it can be quite difficult to locate them.

Viteyes2 is available on prescription in one area of the south (the Southampton area).

I hope that this addresses your query.

Please do not hesitate to contact us back if we can be of any further assistance.

Our helpline is open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday on 0300 3030 111.

Kind regards,


Many thanks Rosalyn, will try those links to read the studies.

I did ask my GP what he thought some time ago & he was reasonably happy as he thought that they were not clashing with any of my other meds.

My Consultant did tell me when I showed him the leaflet for Viteyes that was, as you mentioned, in with a copy of Sideview that I should 'get on them as soon as possible'.

I do trust both GP & Consultant but this blog that I read did worry me a little.

I will talk to my Consultant at my next appointment.

Again Thank You!


Medical experts do not always agree and sometimes you may choose to make your own decision based on everything you can discover. An example (nothing to do with eyes) is the habit, in the 80s, of putting all women, when reaching the age of 50 on HRT for 5 years. We were assured it would prevent osteoporosis. It didn't work and has been quietly forgotten. Lots of women put on lots of weight, as I did, and I still got osteoporosis.

Doctors do their best but they do not know everything. You need to continue to read this website and everything else you can find about eye health. Experts will always disagree but will go on working until they find a cure or prevention.


hi ,I was in line for injections in my eyes of which I was terrified,i was advised to take the areds 2 ,by my consultant ,my eyesight has been stabilised by taking these ,and remains so ,i buy mine from amazon i read all the reviews and they seemed positive .


Hi all after reading all your posts I think maybe these so called investigations into Areds2 might just be covering themselves in case anyone does go wrong at some point.

Will still ask my Consultant& see what he thinks at my next appointment & hopefully will still be encouraging.

I do not mind the cost if they keep my sight reasonable cor as long as possible.

Thanks to you all for your comments as it is so nice to ha e you all to bounce ideas off 👍

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I saw an interesting program on TV recently about supliments. Something like 60% of Americans take supliments, so there have been some studies done there. What they have found is that they don't always contain what they claim to. There was a court case about some which came from China, and were actually harmful. Another worry they had was with the dosage. they found that some vitamin A capsules were stronger than claimed. The fat solvable vitamins are stored in the body, and can cause overdose - Polar bear livers are poisonous was because they contain too much vitamin

When I was diagnosed with dry AMD, I started to take Holland and Barrat. It didn't stop me from getting wet AMD - but has caused no ill affects.

I believe the moral of the his story is get your supliments from a reputable company.

I also take statins, and have regular blood test for kidney problems which can rarely occur with them. I have never heard of a link between statins and dementia! My Grandmother had it, I know it is genetic, so every time I forget things - I worry!


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