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An update - so it's OHT with Narrow angles and blocked meshwork

Hi all me again so I went to the hospital to see the consultant after being told by another dr that after my iridotomy in January and a severe rise of pressure ( 40 and 37) in April I needed further surgery because of my Gluacoma .However I now learn it is OHT with narrow angles (still narrow but not as narrow) and blocked mesh work so basically I don't have Gluacoma but will have scans to confirm. I am actually going to St Thomas Hospital for a 2nd opinion next week to see if this is correct .I also can't have cateracts done due to the chronic oedema and am on eye drops for life they will think of doing my cateracts in about 30 years

Just waiting for next injection now in July. They did mention not scanning my left eye anymore I am now blind in that eye (1/60) which is a bit upsetting but I hope I can persuade them to continue incase in the future there is something they can do for DMO with ischemia. Take care all.

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Sending you a hug tallyho x you have been in the wars it sounds like x

So sorry to hear of your left eye. I hope your second opinion gives you the guidance you seek x Good luck for the July injection (me too!) .


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