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I have wet AMD in one eye, diagnosed about 9 months ago. The monthly Eylea injections have done wonders, far outstripping the consultant's expectations, and I'm now having them at 6 week intervals.

My question is that, at the outset, my consultant advised taking Macushield Gold. I haven't seen her since to ask whether I should be taking this on a permanent basis. I've asked one of the doctors at the eye unit but only got a vague "well it won't do you any harm". Any advice gratefully received.

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  • Hi SDR22,

    'Macushield Gold' is an AREDS2 formula supplement.

    I would suggest that you should continue to take it. Please see our booklet 'Nutrition and Eye Health' at the following link;

    The AREDS2 supplements will help slow the progress of dry AMD; do you have that in your other eye? Once your 'wet' eye is stable, it should be beneficial to that eye too.

    Best wishes


    Macular Society

  • Thank you for the advice.

    One other question I have is about cataract removal with dry AMD. I had one cataract removed from the 'wet' eye and am in the list for removal of a second cataract in the 'dry' eye. There seem to be conflicting views on the subject. My original consultant was against it on the basis that the dry eye as this is my good eye, so best left alone. Doctors at my eye unit vary in their opinions and I really don't know what to do.

  • Hi SDR22,

    Cataracts and AMD are very common in occurring together. You need to be guided to a large extent by the advice from your hospital consultant.

    The Macular Society have a factsheet about cataracts which you may find interesting reading.

    If you would like a copy either phone us on 0300 30 30 111 or email us at

    Best wishes


    Macular Society

  • Andy are the supplements useful for brvo with macular oedema too? Thanks

  • Hi Eyesright,

    AREDS2 supplements are really aimed at people with 'intermediate' dry AMD and people who have had wet AMD and have been stabilised after treatment.

    Supplements are a bit of a grey area and even eye care professionals have varied views on their suitability and effectiveness.

    They are generally not harmful, but we always recommend that you should discuss taking a supplement with your GP, particularly if you are taking other medication.

    Best wishes


    Macular Society

  • Hi dont lnow if this will help you. My Consultant first told me to take Macushield several years ago.

    I later had a leaflet from Mac Soc saying there was a newer, better product. After asking my Consultant he told me to get on it asap. It is Viteyes 2 available online from Butterflies.

    I take it in the hope that it is working as at least I am trying as Eyelea does not seem to work as well in my left eye as Lucentis did in my right. Anything to hang on to sight as long as possible.

    Good luck with your treatment 😀

  • thanks for mentioning this! its good to know updates of meds and recommendations as there are so many out there!

  • Thanks very much Cormoran, this is well worth exploring. As you say, anything to hang on to sight!

    Best of luck with your treatment too.

  • Hi ı am from Turkey there is no sale of macushield here is there another one equal to it?

  • Hi Nurcanak

    You can try Vision Defender AMD. See

    Hope that helps


  • Does it work genetic macular degeneration stargardt?

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