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I sent the macular society an e-mail last week telling explaining how my 12yr dry macular has gone to wet macular in my left eye only and have had my first lusentis injection about 4 weeks ago and told to have one every month for 4months have not had any reply yet just wanted to know what to expect and what happens after 4 months  my hospital is Watford general hospital in Hertfordshire where they give these injections. I was expecting a needle in the eye but it felt like they just put a drop in? 

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  • Great sounds good that you didn't feel much.

  • Dear Algee,

    I do apologise that you have not received a reply from us.  I am afraid that to my knowledge we have not received an email from you, however, I am aware that we have been having some email issues recently, so this may possibly be the reason. I will look into it further.

    Please give us a ring on our helpline to discuss your cited questions further. We are open 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday on 0300 3030 111.

    Kind regards  

  • Hi all had my second lusentis injection on Tuesday, on my first one I didn't know if a needle was used as I didn't feel anything but my second one there was a split second  oooh ow moment when I felt it go in it was a different doctor this time round  it felt very gritty up until Wednesday evening  putting drops in four times a day it's quietened down a bit now, two more to go before they check me out  as to how they will carry on so far so good fingers crossed  

  • Hi there I had 6 injections of lucentis for another condition not AMD. What I do know though is relevant to all those that have lucentis regardless if condition. 

    So basically you start with what is called 'loading injections' usually 3 or 4 then u have a review to see how you have responded if three is improvement or stabilisation u will continue but on a month by month decision as to whether an injection is given or not hope that helps. Happy to answer any more questions you have 

  • Good luck Algee, I confess I was jealous when you said you felt nothing the first time! Good that the 2nd was ok too and you are dealing with the aftereffects ok. Hope you have a good 3rd & get a good result.

    Best wishesx

  • Hi

    I've just finished 3 Lucentis loading injections, 4 weekly for wet amd. The first was the most painful if only for a few seconds. The second and third were much better. I'm 57 years old. I found that taking a paracetamol an hour before the procedure really helped with the second and third. Hospital staff at Royal Stoke were excellent and very well organised. The good news - the wet amd has dried up , and I am on 4 weekly reviews on the understanding I need to be vigilant between appointments as it can re occur. Good luck with your treatment I hope it goes well. btw macular degeneration runs in my family so perhaps it makes you a little more accepting of the condition stay positive if you can.

  • Hi there varr glad your doing o.k. Sounds like an idea taking paracetamol before injection might try it for my third one in May that's good news the wet has dried good luck for the future. I'll be 78yrs around my third injection so fingers crossed I've had a.m.d. For around 12yrs now so am quite positive still driving only in daylight hours a bit iffy at night time  good luck. Al.Gee.

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