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Hi there. I am writing because recently I have been diagnosed with OHT for which I am taking Timilol . On investigation I have been found to have anatomical narrow angles and will have an iridotomy in early January. I don't have AMD but instead DMO so not really covered by the Macular Society as they focus on AMD so have not contacted them. So instead I am just asking if anyone out there has anyone had an iridotomy and were there any side affects. I already have early nuclear and PSC cateracts

Many thanks and Merry Christmas to all.

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Hello Tallyho,

We do have information about DMO, so if you contact our helpline, either phone 0300 30 30 111 or email

I believe that an irodotomy is a procedure used to reduce eye pressure when someone has glaucoma. Whilst some posters on this sight may be able to give you feedback, you may wish to contact the Glaucoma Sightline, 01233 648170.

Best wishes


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Cant help with the info Im afraid but thanks for the Christmas wishes, same to you and best of luck x


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