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Blister problem

I have allergies, and at the Hospital recently while my right eye was being treated (macular) a nurse wiped my left eye ONLY with an antiseptic, which was very irritating. I rubbed my eye and then found that two tiny blisters had appeared in the eyelashes. They have been there now for some weeks and still irritate. I asked the Doctor next time I attended and was told it was a coincidence. Should I ask the Doctor to remove these tiny blisters, as nothing I do seems to affect them.

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Hello Synska,

Was your eye to be treated marked with a large black arrow penned onto your forehead above the eye? This always happens in the hospital where I have my Lucentis treatment, to ensure the correct eye is treated? The mark is easily removed after treatment. If not, ask if this can be done in future. I can see no reason for antiseptic to be used on the 'other' eye.

I am pretty sure that I have never had antiseptic before the anaesthetic, but when excessive iodine has been used, I have paid the price in irritation and pain. I am quite sensitive to various things, I wouldn't say allergic, but injections have often caused real pain for hours or days after the anaesthetic wears off. That was before I noticed the conditions of injection and asked for the staff and methods that I learned were least likely to cause problems. I have received about 35 Lucentis injections.

One consultant I spoke to referred to the antiseptics and anaesthetics as, of necessity, slightly 'toxic' and various injection techniques can exacerbate or reduce their irritation effects.

I should persist with asking for help with the blisters, especially if they hurt! If one doctor/consultant refuses, ask to see another for a second opinion.

You don't say if this was a first injection ( I am assuming it was Lucentis or Eylea) since these are the main Macular treatments these days) or are you more of a 'experienced' patient with a history of injections? How well do you know the ophthalmology staff?

Hope this helps. You might like to call the Macular Society Helpline 0300 3030111. The website is down at the moment but should be back by December. Problem with the website provider going bust I understand.

All the Best,



Dear Synska,

It sounds advisable to feed this back to the hospital and check their response. They will advise you if they feel that anything else needs to be done.

Please ring us on the Macular Society helpline on 0300 3030 111 for any further discussion.

Kind regards.


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