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4th Eyelea injection

Hi All

Had my 4th Eyelea injection on Friday afternoon. The Doctor told me that the Team had been in Consultation with their counterparts across the country & abroad regarding the different ways to approach the use of Eyelea. There seem to be so many different ways to do this. Our clinic are now giving 4 monthly injections then a wait of 2 months were another injection will be given . Then deciding after another 2 months if a further injection is needed with monitoring after that.

Obviously if there seems to be anything wrong we have to ring for an earlier appointment.

This last injection really hurt but it is a small price to pay hoping that it works & the bleed stops.

At least now i do not get the almost blackout of vision for a couple of hours which was very scary after the first 2 injections.

Although there is a fair amount of damage to the sight in this eye with new lenses i can still see to read though make a lot of mistakes typing LOL!!

Here's hoping for good news next time. Good luck to all out there going through eye problems, lets hope a miracle happens & we get a cure for wet & dry amd soon.

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Hi cormorin, glad you dont get the blackout any more, that must have been terrifying!

sorry to hear the last inj was painful, they all seem to be different and maybe different parts of the eye are more sensitive (my last 2 were at the top and the best so far).

Did you see the report on the "bionic eye" ? The macular society webpage has info, seems to have real potential for some conditions.

One of the benefits of tne Eyelea seems to be the longer time between inj, good to hear the clinics are talking to each other to gauge best practice.

Good luck for your next review x


Hello, thanks for the feedback on Eylea discussion that is very interesting and very few people seem to post re this drug. Mr Smiler is now mid way through his first 2 monthly period to his next review and keeping a close watch for any signs of deterioration. Good luck with your ongoing journey. Kind Regards The Smilers x


Thanks eyesright & smilers, if we all share our experiences & info from our clinics we can help each other get through this.

Good luck to all

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