New lens discovered to bring back vision from 3-45%

I am the practice manager at Henry Smith & Hamylton opticians in Leicester and have come across some lenses that can improve the eye sight of AMD sufferers. I'm currently looking at getting some samples for patients to try and would be looking at putting together a day where you can come down and see if they actually work and make a difference on your vision. If you are interested in trying them for free or would like some more information about these lenses, please call the practice on 0116 262 7775 and ask to speak to Chris

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  • OMG this could be so exciting, I will be calling you even though I live in Manchester

  • Hi, thanks for your interest. The lenses sound amazing which is why I'm trying to set this day up to see if they really do what they claim to do. Would be good if you fancied a trip to leicester. (Date to be decided as the trial lenses are currently out of stock till the next few weeks). Once I know there's people interested I can get the set in and we can arrange the date. So far you are the 2nd person interested. If you would like more information either call or email me on thanks Chris

  • Thanks Chris

    I am away for the weekend until tomorrow, so will give you a call then if that's ok.

    I am thrilled that someone has shown an interest in helping those of us with AMD, time is always short at the hospital when I go for my injection, and they don't have any extra time to give to us to discuss any options about lenses and whether they would help.

    Hopefully speak to you tomorrow and am definitely interested in hearing more.

    Many thanks


  • This sounds brilliant. I am also from Manchester and have dry and. Sounds like a good step forward and I would like to know more.

  • Please email me your details and I can call you if you like.



  • sounds promising

  • Hi, if you would like to know more please email me your contact details and I will call you back.



  • Nice to know that there might be another avenue of hope for us AMD sufferers even though it may appear to be speculative. Every credit to you for making this known among the AMD fraternity and offering this trial. I will certainly make the trip to Leicester.

  • Hi thanks for your interest, please email me your details and I will can call you with more details.



  • Just got back into work today and read all your replies - thank you for all your interest. To give a bit more information of what will happen on the day... I'm looking at putting on 1 hour appointments throughout the day - in the appointment we will try these lenses over your current distance glasses (if you have/need them), as there is different power options we will try the lowest power working up and see which one gives the best vision. Assuming we get one that gives a best improved vision, we will go out of the practice and have a little walk around town to try to simulate 'real life' as much as possible (only if you feel comfortable in them)

    I'm currently looking at getting some questions together to ask you while wearing them, so we can see if they work, how much they work and see if there is any limitations in them etc.

    These lenses on paper sound really good but I don't think they will necessarily work for everyone, as everyone's AMD effects everyone differently, as I'm sure your fully aware.

    This trial day should give us a good idea though at the possible impact of such a lens available to AMD sufferers.

    I hope all this sounds ok

    If you are still interested in possibly attending or just would like some more details could you please email me your contact details so I can get in touch to arrange the date and time (once I have the lenses in etc.)

    0116 262 7775

    Thank you again for all your time


  • Great news: Vista our local charity for low vision has come on board and will possibly help out on the trial day...

    Vista are the leading local charity working with children and adults with sight loss in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

    Update: I have spoken to the suppliers of the lenses yesterday and was told I should receive the trial set of lenses in the next 10 days...

    I will keep you posted...



  • brilliant!

  • Another update: I've just spoken to the suppliers again and they have just received one sample set in and are sending it to me tonight.

    All being well I should have it either this weekend or at least early next week.

    Two trial dates are currently being organised, so as soon as I have those I will be contacting people direct to book you in.

    I have also organised with Vista, our local charity for low vision for us to go into their shop located opposite our practice to try out other visual aids in their meeting room to see if we can enhance your vision even more. It will be set up so you can try as many real life tasks as possible using all sorts of aids. Together we will try to get back your vision as much as possible.

    They have all sorts of aids to help Low vision, for example: Lamps, magnifiers, e readers to mention a few - they have so many options in their shop it's difficult to mention them all - you'll get to try them all...

    If you haven't already given me your contact details and are interested please email them to

    Many thanks again for all your interest


  • Hi, I was wondering if there is any update on this?

  • Hi angelah25. I have updated this post with the latest results and also started a new post with the results.

    Hope this is of interesting reading for you



  • Update: I have now completed 37 trials and still counting... I asked everyone who has tried them 'On a scale of 1-10, how would you grade your vision' with and without the lens over their glasses and the results have been recorded.

    So far 100% of AMD sufferers have seen an improvement of some sort. Some only little, 3-4 or 5-6 but some have gone from 1-5 and even one patient went from 2-8!

    Patients with WET AMD seem to increase their grade more than patients with DRY AMD...

    Average increase WET 2.5

    Average increase DRY 2.0

    and out of the 37 patients who has tried them 14 people have decided they work enough to have a pair to use full time! (37.84% of people so far who has tried them, the lenses are helping them see better)

    So far they have exceeded my expectations - without trying them, you can't tell if they will work for you!

    Anyone who would like to try them, I am based in Leicester City Centre - please call 0116 2627775 and ask to be put on the waiting list and I will call you back to arrange an appointment.

    Thank you for your time in reading my posts

    Chris Skelton

    Practice Manager

    Henry Smith & Hamylton

    0116 2627775

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