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Wet AMD cured by just two injections

Early diagnosis of my wet age related macular degeneration has led to quick cure.

Had course of three intravitreal avastin injections

If you see any distortions to straight line edges such as door frames or any straight line get your optician to give you an appointment to the hospital eye emergency department. Do not delay.

Age 76 Nottingham

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Hello Jon,

That is a great result.

As you say prompt action is all so important.

The fact that your optician gave you a fast track referral makes all the difference. We hear all too often of opticians referring patients to their GP, which is wrong and only slows things down.

Your case is testimony as to how things should be done.

Best wishes


Helpline Macular Society


That is great - you are very lucky! My ARMD was found early too, but so far I have had 36 Lucentis into my right eye and 32 into left.

The treatment has stopped for left eye as I cannot now see any letters on the board, never mind read them!

Two days ago, at my last Lucentis, I was told I would be switched to Eyelea from my next appointment, to see if that would help.

Best wishes to everyone here.


ps - the text looks very faint - probably me, but anice bold black would help!


Gee I'm sorry !

Knew some would be disheartened but my joy hopefully encourages others.



Isher yo gave me hope tomight because all I have read about wet is that it is a dead end and more loss of sight is the only outcome. I have both wet and dry. Did the injections hurt?


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