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Going to oncologist

Hey, everyone. I am seeing an oncologist Friday because I think I may have lymphoma? And it pangs me to even mention that. :/ basically, a few months ago, I started feeling very sick and very fatigued. Around the same time some red patches appeared on my left arm and left shoulder, which looked like wringworm. I went to my doctor. He gave me cream for my ringworm and then took a blood test for anemia. My results came back and my liver enzyme markers were high, meaning most likely some type of liver damage, and my bit b12, and iron were high even though I am a vegetarian and usually consistently low. Also didn't take a vitamin that then I go see another doctor. He orders me an ultrasound. The results were hepatomegaly, fatty liver.....which is weird since I don't drink and I eat very well. Around this time, my left axillary lymph node was noticeably enlarged and hurt very bad for a day or two.. After that it stopped hurting but still second doctor barely palpated it and brushed it off and sent me home and didn't even tell me anything to do about my abnormal liver. Its been about 3 months now....the lymph node in my armpit is still there, hard, moveable, non painful and it seems there are two....the "ringworm" has not gone away, yet strangely my two kittens have not gotten it and my bf or anyone else hasn't either. I have four lesions on my leg, which look like scabs and ringworm and then sometimes they turn into a patch of little bumps then back to ringworm appearance or scab. Same with the two on my arm. Now, my throat has a swollen lymph node on the same side as the armpit lymph nodes. Both on my left side. The first few days it hurt but I wasn't sick at all...the pain is going down but the lymph node is still enlarged. Seems to be following the pattern of the first lymph nodes in my armpit....

My question is, could this be lymphoma? I'm 23...I am seeing the doctor in less than a week....I just don't want to go in there if its probably not lymphoma...if that makes sense? It all seems to fit together to me...but I'm not sure.

Does this seem like lymphoma and or cutaneous lymphoma? Are the liver issues related or could they be?

Thank you in advance!

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If your lymph nodes are swollen you definatly want to have it checked out. I have T cell lymphoma and the only way they could diagnosis it was with an excisional biopsy. They actually had to take out a swollen lymph node. Ask your doctor about it. I hope it is a nothing....but you don't want to mess around with your health. Good luck, Kim


Kvick whats the treatment for T cell? Are you on watch and wait?


I can't speak to all T cell lymphomas but I can speak to AITL. I have an expert in AITL that said the best treatment is CHOEP chemotherapy followed by an autologous stem cell transplant. PLease let us know what your doctor says. Are you having night sweats, low grade fevers, or arthritis symptoms? Best of luck, kim


Hi there, how did you go at the drs appt?

I have identical symptoms to you also and still undiagnosed. I even have the fatty liver thing happening too!

Have you considered that you may actually have an Autoimmune disease instead of cancer?

Let me know what the dr told you.



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