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I finished treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2012. I gained quite a bit of weight during treatment, largely from the steroids and being significantly less active. A few years out of treatment and I am still working to get back to my fitness levels from before diagnosis. I've recently invested in a Fitbit to help track my activity and keep motivated. Although there are community boards for cancer survivors, there is no specific group for Lymphoma patients - so I started one. I was hoping that the board could be a good place to discuss our experiences, share exercise tips (especially for those who are still in chemo, and who are trying to get their post chemo routines back), and motivate each other. If you have a Fitbit and this interests you, please check out the page under community board 'Lymphoma Survivors'.

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I have NHL and also gained weight while taking chemo. I believe it was from the steroids as well my last full cocktail was in August 2011.. however I took Rituximab for 2 yrs after that .. my last R treatment was august 2013... I also have only lost a few pounds... my oncologist told me that a few people actually do gain weight due to the chemo.. but to continue to eat properly and get the proper excersize and it should fall off... WELL IT HASNT... I gained 50 pounds and am now 30 pounds heavier than when I started... my attitude is this... I AM ALIVE!!! as long as I am "healthy" and I am not obese.. yes I dont like it... but it could be a lot worse... I am in remission... and here for my daughter... that in itself is all that matters to me.. if people judge my for my size... with out knowing my story.. screw them is my attitude... good luck with your battle...


Oh another thought to ponder my dear.... WE ARE ALL SURVIVORS..... while you are being treated you are fighting and winning the battle... when you are finished the chemo you are still fighting the battle and winning... when you hear the word cancer and you are still this side of the ground... you are a survivor... and you sound like a very strong survivor... just saying