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Advice on maintaining remission for Large B-Cell NHL


My best friend from Toronto area is spending some weeks with me in Los Cabo Baja (Mexico). A year ago he presented with severe hypercalcemia, nearly fatal. Discovered to have extensive skeletal lesions from "Large Cell, B-Cell non-hodgkin's lymphoma". He spent most of the time since on 7 rounds of a chemo 4+ drug cocktail including high dose prednisone. He is now in remission from that and is slowly recovering from it all. He has many skeletal lesions that cause substantial pain and will need surgery to attempt to stabilize. He is not on any medications for cancer now.

My question, that he has not discussed with his MO is this: Are there any medications that have been shown to be useful to help maintain the longevity and stability of his remission from this form of NHL?

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