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I have a hospital appointment in may the 16th but have been experience pain like hell i can feel pain at my lower left side sometimes on the lower right side hope its not my kidneys extreme pain in legs, headaches, loss of memory, depression i no its not much but i was wondering if i would be able to get an earlier appointment im really struggling in pain and i dont trust my family gp with my condition he dont no much about it do you think if i call and explain my problems my consultant will be able to give me an earlier appointment if thier is one.


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11 Replies

  • Absolutely go for it, the worst they can say is no nod then you can convince them otherwise.

  • Oh thanks for your advice your right im in so much pain my shoulder is hurting i just went crying to my mum im 18 and its so hard when im in pain my mum comforts me though anyway il try calling them thanks

  • My renal const is a star and insist if im ever worried about about anything to give his secretary and where possible he will fit me in his clinic as an emergency as he stresses that speed in treatment is paramount I never experienced any pain with my kidney involvement and hadnt even been diagnosed with Lupus ! Once l was speed then was the essence to stop futher damage, so always best to be on the safe side and thats what the Drs are there for, l wlways by pass my Gp these days as the hospital have a wonderful support team Good luck : )

  • yeah thats what im worried what if somethings wrong i dont no i have to wait for my appointment in may i hope i can get an appointment its really really depressing me out i actually just feel like i wanna die because theres so much on top of me.

  • Hi there, as I know you have a number of things including Lupus and Hughes - yes do ring up. Try the various avenues, leave an urgent message with the clinic, also try the consultant's own secretary and also the main nurse on that unit, explain how very very unwell you feel, they will be used to people doing this when they have to, myself included. Best of luck. Mary F x

  • I dont no who my consultants secretary is my consultant is dr d cruz at st thomas but il try to leave an urgent message and hope it gets to him.

  • If you get through on the main number just ask for his secretary.. and you have a very good consultant there, having him, they will help you. Just make sure you leave all numbers they can reach you on, and enlist a friend or relative to help if you feel really crappy. Best of luck Mary F x

  • Maybe ask your mum to ring on your behalf ? : )

  • Yeah, if i get refused then il get my mum to ring and kick sum butt lol.

  • Thats the way and dont take no 4 an answer bud : )All the best , dont forger your a warrior , let me know how you get on yea : )

  • Yes!! Get mum to kick some butt- she must be very worried. Ring tomo and let us know how it goes. X

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