Hi I've only just joined this family but already you have made me feel welcome. I came out of hospital a few days ago having being diagnosed with pericarditis and possible lupus. It was the cardiologist who having taken my history suggested a visit by a rheumatologist. After some questions she told me she thought I had a connective tisssue condition, probably lupus but needed to take some x-rays and bloods. A question I have for you is today, despite the medication they gave me, I am so stiff, my hands and arms are so painful and getting out of the chair is harder than it has been for ages, does lupus get worse in cold weather or is this just a bad day that I've got to learn to live with or is it just old age...........

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  • Many of us feel the lupus more during cold weather, I definitely do, yesterday I could barely grip with my hands, today it eased up a little but still stiff. Welcome to the forum!

  • I definitely am stiffer when it is raining and cold, In fact I can tell when the rain is 10 mins away, I used to find this funny when people said it when I was younger not so much now. Welcome

  • Hi, what a good cardiologist you have. I also feel the wetter the weather is,the more stiff i am. A reaction of connective tissue to atmospheric pressure i guess?. This is much better since i have started the hydroxy treatment. Staying out the sun and wearing high protection sunscreen is also a significant factor. For many, many years i would have a flare up of problems always early spring but never made the conection with the sun until 2years ago when i eventually got to see a rheumatologist. Welcome!

  • I also found myself with sore joint pain being worse in winter, but just put it all down to working outdoors, also for years used to get mall rashes that would come and go , but were worse in the summer, went to Gp several times over the years about both symptoms, it took over 6 years before l was referred to a rheumatologist, who just told me to keep taking the anti-inflammatories l had been taking for 3 years already, 2 years on when l mentioned to him at a check up that l had 2 chest infections and laryngitis that lasted for 3 months and that l responded well to steroids each time that he checked my urine sample to find blood and protein there, he suggested to do a Lupus blood test, but didnt expand or explain anything !By the time l was finally diagnosed, l already had severe kidney damage and had to have emergency biopsy then started on intensive intravenous chemo-therapy, to say l was shell-shocked was putting it mildly That was 2 years ago now. !

  • hi im also new 2 the forum was diagnosed over 12months ago with lupus and i am finding it harder to move hands and pick things up when its cold but i also have raynauds so im never sure which 1 is causing me the most pain, now iv discovered this forum it really helps to know im not on my own.

  • I agree finding this site has given me some answers already. Although I'm waiting for a diagnosis a lot of my, so I thought random aches, may be linked. I've started to write down all these aches and times so I have a good record for when I see the rheumatologist. Although I was really upset last week about having pericarditis now it seems like a blessing in disguise, if I hadn't have gone into hospital I don't know how long I would have gone on with this stiffness thinking it was just normal wear and tear.

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