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good health authorities/ rheumatology

I am very lucky to live in Sheffield and have a fantastic Rheumatologist and specialist nurse. However I am thinking of living away from Sheffield and thinking about North Wales or perhaps the Yorkshire coast. Can anyone tell me what standards are at these places in respect of health authorities/ Rheumatology clinics please. I am now feeling better than I have done for years and don't want to jeopardise my health by moving to inferior services

Thank you and Happy Easter

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Yes we are Very Lucky, I am also from Sheffield and the more I use this site, the more I realise just how fortunate we are. If I were you and you went to live on the yorkshire coast I would travel to Sheffield for your Rheumy. you have now.

Hope you are happy and Healthy where ever you decide to settle.


North Wales are lucky to have Yasmin Ahmed at Bangor University Hospital. She is listed on the St Thomas' lupus specialist list, & attends the local support groups. X


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