Hello fellow Lupies

I just want to say how it breakes my heart reading some of the posts on here, why should we be tarred with the same brush as shirkers, by the DWP. Please all of you who are fighting for your rights, never give up & for those of you who are wondering wether or not it's worth going thru all the hassle to get some benifit allowance, please decide that yes,, you will fight, it will take time & you will feel defeated by it for a while, but it is your right & even if you have to go thru the process a few times, don't give up.

I wish you all many reseves of spoons (spoon theory)for the energy to fight.

Trace (((hugs)))

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  • Thanks Trace i hope we can find the strength and get what we are entitled too xx

  • Here Here!

  • Amen

  • Heres hoping. x

  • Spoon to you xxx

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