This just might give all you lovely peeps a laugh-(I felt like crying at the time though!!)

I have put on SOOOO much weight!!! About 2 stone and more going on by the day, and have only been on them for about 3mths-am now only going out under cover of darkness!!! But today I had to attend my cousins funeral (a very sad day anyway) Sorted out 2 Black dresses-the stretchy one had to do-the other one went nowhere near me- and believe me it was VERY stretched!! Next the tights-problem no black tights-only hold up stockings!!! They would have to do!!(now, I had had these in my drawer,new and unopened,from about 2 years ago) WELL they went on-but hold up??? By the time we got to the crematorium they were just above my knees-Hold up stockings??? NO more like lacy top Pop Socks-not very comfortable, and most certainly NOT sexy!!

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  • I put on all the weight i lost just over a year ago, because my knees started hurting so much, dnt what what to do anymore so know how u are feeling....good luck.. Uzi

  • So sad about your loss...xxUzi...x

  • same happened to me i was put on steroids 23 yrs ago, i was only on them 3 months, and i put 2 stone on, i then asked the doctor to take me off them, before i looked like a beached whale.

  • I really understand how you feel, it happened to me as well. My husband kept telling me to do more exercise and eat less, I just wanted to cry at the time. We knew this is not about exercise or eat healthy. Hope you get off the pills soon xxx

  • This has made me laugh, I'm sorry! The image of the pop socks was too much, brilliant.

  • I did write it to give people a laugh-cause if we stop laughing then we really have given up haven't we!!! It was a sad serious day,but it did also cheer my close family up-(I think-should say HOPE!!) that they were the only ones that got a glimpse of the lovely pop socks-getting in and out of the car-and they were also smiling as they saw me trying (discreetly) to adjust them and make sure they stayed up!!!

  • When I first went onto steroids, I convinced myself that I would not gain weight, that steroids merely made me feel hungry but I would not succumb to the increased hunger, I was on them for a year before I gained weight as I joined what I affectionately call 'fat club' and by continuing to walk the dog daily (3 miles)- however, as the illness has progressed, I've given up work and now 'move' much less than before and the pounds have indeed piled on. Whilst your amusing story of pop socks vs sexy hold ups is light hearted, I have to suggest - go out in daylight, buy elastic waisted clothes and be confident in yourself as you are still the same person, and being 'sexy' is indeed in the eye of the beholder - and my partner always tells me my most sexy asset is my 'naughty smile'. So ...... wear a smile and you will feel great.

  • I hate how i feel wit steroids i hate how they make me feel and all the weight gain o feel like over size clothes not fitting not finding something that fits nice i felt like a old raggedy school teacher

  • I have just found out that Asda are doing a new pair of jeans that grow with you, apparently they will fit 3 different sizes-and cost £18. I am going to check them out! I am feeling quite a bit brighter now- and we do sometimes have to try and laugh about it-I suppose we are lucky that we CAN put on weight when there are starving people in the world!!! (I know it doesn't feel like though when we look in the mirror!) Keep your chin(s) up and a big hug!;-)

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