do u think this is my lupus? and what do u think i shud do?

day 1 of my flare up

i hav joint pains, tiredness

day 2 of my flare up

i hav joint pains, feeling exhausted,tempature, was forgetting things

day 3 of flare up

i hav joint pains, feeling exhausted, couldnt move, tempature n rashes

day 4 of flare up

i had joint pains, feeling exhausted, rashes, black out on stairs and fell down stairs and dislocated my knee and later tht day i had alots of chest pains

day 5 of flare up

i had joint pains, feeling exhausted,having few dizzy spells and was forgetting things

day 6 of flare up

was feeling a bit better in morning but was still feeling exhausted and did hav ribs pains n chest pains at night


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4 Replies

  • hi sorry to sound boring...but if you have a rheumy nurse give them a call to be on the safe side..hope you continue to feel a little better take care

  • i used to hav lupus nurse til i got pregnant then i never saw her after tht so i dont know her number but i hav bin docs again n they r sending letter to my specialist but when they did my blood pressure it was 115/104 so i think tht is high n my docs thinks i black out coz blood pressure might of changed from high to low n to high which caused me to faint on the stairs so i fell down them

  • Have you been tested for Hughes syndrome (sticky blood)?

  • See dr asap

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