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Lupus goes on the attack as soon as i put pressure anywhere in my legs...interesting change?

I have been monitoring myself and testing myself on this strange discovery...

I got down in on knee (on a non flare/rash day) for about less than a minute and put not that much pressure on it...and got up and went about my business...

the weirdest thing was that within an 2 hours the lupus attacked that knee and a red lupus rash appeared in the exact pressure area i kneeled on !!!

I also tried on a tight sock and to my surprise on another attack the exact sock pattern in the lupus rash ,,,

Thought i would share this interesting observation.

So as soon as my body notices externally humidity, heat, pressure it goes to war !

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Yes i bruise very easy and i do the same thing as u or if i sit to long on my knees like cross cross i can't walk or even get up


I have something similar, I call it 'contact inflammation'. I get a raised red rash in places where I have a constant pressure applied (e.g. bra straps). It can get quite painful but usually goes away overnight... It only happens from time to time, not really sure what it is related too...


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