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prolonged Q T and also thickening of mitral valve, causing mitral valve regurgitation & atrial fibrillation, anyone else got this with SLE?

I'm a newbie on here and was diagnosed 10 years ago with SLE, Sjogren's Syndrome, Hughes Syndrome, Fibromyalgia & recently diagnosed with the above heart problems. I'd be really interested to hear from someone whom has had this also so they can tell me what to expect or share their experience so I can see whats normal for it and whats not!

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Yes I am currently on beta blockers, and I have this as a side dish of lupus, I had to wear a heart tracer for seven days. I also have sjogrens. I have attacks were I feel like my heart is jumping out of my chest. It sometimes feel like my hearts racing like I just ran 100 meters in the quickest time.

The beta lockers are helping thanks to my heart consultant Mrs Payne I love her.

Luppychick x


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