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January's Guest Blog - Chris Maker (Director of LUPUS UK)

January's Guest Blog - Chris Maker (Director of LUPUS UK)

This year, we will be bringing you a new article by a guest each month on a range of topics. To start off the year, I asked Chris Maker (Director of LUPUS UK) to write a bit about his role and the year ahead. Chris works full time and had been with LUPUS UK since December 2000. Here's what he had to say;

"The start of the year is always busy as our plans come together for the next twelve months. Spring time is particularly busy as I visit many of our Groups in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. As we all know lupus is relatively uncommon and people with the disease are thinly spread throughout the UK, so meetings are a good way to meet others with lupus. I particularly enjoy the visits as it is good to catch up with old friends and make new ones. The telephone and email are great for easing communication but there is nothing like meeting face to face. If you are able, go along to your next group meeting and make new friends and share ideas. On May 12th we are holding our National Conference/AGM in Chester – another great opportunity to meet others and also learn about different aspects of lupus from our specialist speakers. During the spring I shall be joining the Trustees at two of their meetings and our National Council of group representatives meet in March. The Trustees meet 4 times a year and National Council twice, which makes for some very busy weekends!"

If you're interested in attending a group meeting, take a look at the regional group finder on our website to find who is nearest to you -

For more information about groups, such as contact information, feel free to email or send a private message here on HealthUnlocked.

For more information about the LUPUS UK National Conference & AGM, take a look here -

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Sadly my local group always meets up during the week and in the middle of the day so for anyone who works normal hours it's not that convienient...


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