Well once again I am waiting for a phone call about my ESA I was refused even without a medical so in February my money is going to stop. I am fit for work although I haven't been able to work for 12 years according to them. I was advised to send in all the medical reports and letters of support because my personal adviser can't understand how I have been refused. That was back in June last year I have never heard from them. This has to be a joke and already I can see this whole system failing but for those of us already caught in it, it will be too late. I have been told because I have a partner that works then it makes me eligible for help. I still have my own expenses my car I couldn't do without. I would never go out of the house. I took Loan out for a car that suited my needs. Sorry I am just moaning, I am 57 so why would I force myself back to work knowing the pain and exhausted it will cause, well, worse than it is already. I have LUPUS, SS FIBROMYALGIA, HAD 3mini strokes. I know there is a lot of people worse than me but what company is going to take you on when so many people are out of work. I wish I could understand. I just hope I can keep my disable badge because without that I don't think I would leave the house. My partner works away a lot so I need it to be able to get out of the house for company. Wishing everyone well. Xx

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  • I didn't get a medical also. They put me in the work related group activity. I will only get this for 12 months as, like you, I have a partner/husband who works and earns above a certain amount. I've written to my local MP, got a stupid reply back saying about how empowering it is for the ill and disabled to work - what planet do they live on. If we were well enough, we would be running out to work because the way you are treated when asking for money which you have contributed to stinks!!!

  • i totally understand,i too am struggling how they decide who gets help and why etc. i now can only work 4hrs a week and ive been told thats enough to live on as my husband should provide for me. he works full time on minium wage and we live hand to mouth. we havnt had a holiday for 12yrs and dont waste money. i needed a little financial help after years of working and was told no as i can feed and dress myself......never mind the effects of lupus has on me daily :( sorry to moan. who the heck is going to want me? i cant lift heavy things,work more than a 4hr shift (at a massive price to my body) and have the memory span of a goldfish, and im in constant pain to list a FEW things! gggrrrr!!!

  • So sorry for you both it truly is't fair. Life is very hard for people with Lupus, most of the time you can't see what we feel or go through, the pain day and night. I wish someone on a committee who makes these decisions could swop for one week. They might change there mind. I do have some good news to share with you both. My phone call which I was waiting for, I waited all morning for well I had to phone them but was told I had been crossed off the list because I had won my case. I burst into tears. The relief was unbelievable. I had not been told although I had won in November last year. I have until next November until I have to go through it again, but for now I can at least concentrate on dealing with my health. I really hope you both can get some help because struggling with money and health don't go together. You shouldn't be punished for being ill. Good wishes to you both. X

  • thats exellent news! :) but they should have told you,the worry and stress would have made your lupus worse. take care huny x

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