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Does anyone experience pain and circulation problems in their legs due to Raynauds?

Hi I have Raynauds, which generally makes my hands and feet go numb. I also have very bad circulation and get pain in my legs as a result, especially in the lower part of my legs. I also get dizziness, which I think might be connected. My circulation gets so bad at times my heart starts to jump. I know that the heart jumping is due to the circulation prob because when I use an electric massager on my legs to try and help with my circulation it also eases the heart jumping. This is a constant feature and I was wandering does anyone else have this problem with Raynauds, and if so how they have dealt with it? I also suffer with extreme fatigue and cannot really exercise much, ok if I am honest, I don't exercise at all.

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Yes, me, but the more sedentary you become, the worse your circulation and the pains will get. With Raynaud's I've discovered there's a very fine line between getting enough exercise and having too much. Too much will also make things worse. I appreciate the difficulties of exercising (or just being mobile) for some of us but you need to try because this condition can otherwise potentially cause really serious problems down the line. Hydrotherapy is a good starting point - most hospitals have pools so you could ask to be referred. The supervising Physios will give you a set of exercises to perform and assist you with dressing etc if needs be. You can also have compression socks prescribed via the NHS which aid circulation. I hope that helps and good luck Field!


hello field, i too have raynaulds and have had it since my teens as my feet and hands are always purple even in summer. they do turn white which is most painful. i too have circulatory probs in my legs when standing or walking for a long period of time, i wear knee length socks (as my work uniform is trousers) and under my jeans at home with a fluffy pair of socks on top as several thin layers are better than one.

compression socks are good too,didnt know i could ask NHS and have been buying over counter,never mind. its so hard to get the right balance of exercise right living with fatigue and joint pain though. take care


Hi, yes I also have bad circulation in my legs which historically has been one of my main problems over the years. I ended up with blood clots in both legs and now have lymphoedema in one leg. Last year I had surgery on varicose veins I also have in one leg which added to the aching!!!! I can honestly say the more I exercise the better I feel. Initially it's difficult when you're not feeling great and hurting but it definitely has a positive effect. You just have to get out there and do does work.


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