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Treading in treacle

One of those days when you push and push and feel as if you have been on the go all day and in the evening you see what you have achieved, absolutely nothing apart from having got through the day.

I look outside to my husband's Christmas tree with the lights all lit, the fire is up the chimney, the dogs are asleep and the preds are controlling the latest flare to the best of their ability. All is right with the world, as it is ever going to be, so, something to eat and maybe a glass of wine and then try to sleep, which is difficult on the preds, but if sleep is not possible, then I'll do some housework and try and banish the latest cobwebs. I just wish I could banish the cobwebs from the brain!

My warmest wishes to you all, for a good night's sleep and wake in the morning with fewer symptoms than you went to bed with, maybe tomorrow will not feel like a treacle day.

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You have a lovely way of describing a situation Kathin, I could really see it all!

Lets all hope for a no treacle day:)

love 2 you



I hope so too.... x treacle sounds such an apt way to describe it x


Nothing wrong with just getting through, thats a feat in itself, give yourself a well deserved pat on the back - WELL DONE


Oh i so know that feeling, i feel like it every day :) ..... xxx


Beautifully described! So many of us know what you mean.

I'm not going to rattle on about how things are, it's a tough time of year, tiring, exhausting you name it!

What I will say is that I hope everyone of you are able to enjoy your Christmas, I hope you are as pain free as possible and everything goes to plan.

Wishing you all everything you wish for yourselves, and a very merry Christmas x


totally get your point ,i wish i could have a glass of wine and do the housework ,my limbs will not allow it ,so i stare at it hoping the fairies will come?merry xmas ,keep well ,brave


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