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Wheelchairs - after 10 years my boneshaker has got to be replaced!!

I have found that for the last few months I have been unable to leave the house without my wheelchair. However it is very old, big and uncomfortable. I keep telling my partner all the vibrations must be doing my cellulite some good though!

Can any of you suggest a smaller compacter - so it fits in the boot of the car with a bit of room left- comfortable wheelchair and where is the best place to get one from.

Many thanks :)

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Hi would Ebay help in any way, and do you get people in the classified section of your local newspaper selling stuff. It might be worth a look. There were 2 wheelchairs for sale in my local paper last week, so they are about. Hope this helps. x


Ah, now here I may be able to help,

When my late husband needed a wheelchair, the NHS wanted a six month lead in and he didn't have that long. In Scotland we have a disability charity called Disability Scotland, there must be a similar in England. They were marvellous, within 24 hours of a telephone call they were here with three to choose from and for indefinite loan. A 'high speed' light weight, foldable chair was chosen and thoroughly enjoyed.

The other avenue in which we had success was the British Red Cross who have wheelchairs for loan, but not indefinite, but at least you can try the different models to find one that suits then go out to get one of your own!

Best of luck in your search.

PS Also ask your GP once the NHS ones are finished being used they are non-returnable and no one wants them, but our GP keeps a selection in his garden shed for anyone who may want them.



Im not sure where you're located but in Wales wheelchairs can be obtained via a referral which will need to be completed by a GP, OT, physio or nurse.

Standard wheelchairs normally take about a month once a referral has been received at the Wheelchair service. Although the wheelchairs fold they can be quite awkward and still heavy to manage. They are free of charge and also maintained if they need repair. It's a free service.

Alternatively alloy wheelchairs are light in weight however I think would be purchased privately as not supplied by the above service.

In England I believe it's done by voucher scheme and referred by the same professionals as above. Apologies that this is more relevant to those living in Wales but hope it helps.


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