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My ghost is haunting me, it wont let me sleep, its always taunting me and making me weak, it tries to stop me from living my life, it makes a fool of me to everyone else, do i imagine my ghost that cause's me pain? no i do not. I know it's name, no-one can see it, tho its always there, it think's it can beat me & drive me mad, i will not allow it, its making me sad, my ghost will not leave me, so please be kind, my ghost is called Lupus, im not out of my mind.

Sometimes it's difficult to explain what lupus actually is and how it affects us, this is how i feel about lupus, it's my ghost. x

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Did you make this poem up? That's a really good explanation!


yes i did lol...thankyou.x


wow l like this very much x x


sums lupus up nicely :)


I thought you were mad at the begining,but you are not.would you mind if i take a copy for our Lupus local newletter.

Please let me know.

Love & Sunshine



Yes of course you can Jan, im flattered! thankyou ;) .xx


This is great Polly. The Lupus seems to have ruined my ability to be creative with the mind fog and tiredness, Well Done, your poem is spot on.

I call my Lupus the beast as it mustn't be angered. I feed it well and give it lots of TLC and sleep. If not the bloody thing attacks!


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