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Genital dermatitis

Hi All,

Over 2 years ago I had a bad bout of genital dermatitis which cleared up very quickly after using betnovate.

I've been a bit stressed recently and it has come back. I've got a new tube of betnovate but it is not working as quickly as before.

Has anyone had this and do you have any recommendations for what else I can try to relieve the symtoms. At present, it's very itchy and red (inflammed) down there.


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I have not had Genital Dermatitis but do have Lichen Sclerosus. It may be auto immune connected to your lupus - your must go to your doctor and ask him to refer you to a Vulva specialist ( I am presuming you are female) although they do see males too. You probably need a stronger ointment like Dermovate ....


This is weird - I've had chronic dermatitis of the vulva for years, but never been told it's connected to Lupus! Tips my gynaecologist gave me: wear cotton underwear; wash undies in non-bio powder; wash that area with special PH balanced soap (I use Femfresh). Use Betnovate sparingly as it can make the skin thinner. Hope it gets better soon. Mine goes through phases, but I have to admit is always present.


Thanks for both your comments. My Doctor also said it is probably linked to lupus and has referred me to a vulva specialist, my appointment is next week. Mine also goes through phases but I always feel it simmering in the background. The Doctor said to try aqueous cream which has helped immensely.

I'll keep you posted with the outcome of my appointment.

Thanks again.


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