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Hello everyone!

I live in South Africa in a city/town approximately in the middle of the country...

I was diagnosed with SLE & Raynauds & RA in 1998. Needless to say, I ws under the care of a specialist physician(not a RA specialist though)and received cortisone and methotextrate treatment since 1998 until last year April when I weaned myself off because to me it felt as if I was slowly but surely dying......

I hope we can learn from each other and I would like to give advice which I obtained through many trials and tribulations after 4 back surgeries, 1 knee replacement and 1 neck mention a few.....

I cannot sit this long so will be writing again tomorrow! Ciao!!!

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Welkom by die groep, ek is oorspronklik van Johannesburg, maar woon nou in die Verenigde Koninkryk.

Waar oor kom jy in Suid-Afrika, en miskien moet jy probeer en kry 'n groep op en hardloop vir die SA-mense wat Lupus om aan te sluit.


What does that say Peter?


Peter is welcoming Magda to the group,peter says he originally from Joburg.and were in south africa is he, and ??? southafrican people!! ha ha,,sorry peter i couldnt resist trying too read this,,been so long since i read Afrikaans! Magda,,,welcome to a wonderful group.