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Me vs Lupus



In car all day travelling across the country.


Lupus 2 points. Anya 0 points.

Slept all day. Slept all night.


Lupus 1/2 point. Anya 1 point.

Tired in morning, however managed some house chores, Dental hygientist appointment in the afternoon; gums in a better state than I thought. Stayed up in evening chatting with partner.


Lupus 1/2 point Anya 0.

Even after a long night's sleep, still wake up feeling as though had just done a marathon. Limbs like lead. Joints stiff as cardboard. The rest of the day crawls along. I'm meant to be looking for a job, and working on a writing project. But cant motivate or feel the energy to crack on. Is it in my head or in my body. Sometimes I dont know?


Lupus 1/2 point. Anya 2 points.

Not too groggy this morning, out of bed before midday. Managed a whole afternoon working outside getting firewood together. Nap for an hour in the early evening, and now energised enough to do a little light cleaning and then an early night with the hope to feel good enough to get up by nine tomorrow am. Not an eventful day by most folks standards, I am pleased however.

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I like the way you put things. I definitely feel like my lupus has won this week. I am not achieving anything this week and have been either napping, grumpy or yawning. Just fed up and wanting my mojo back! Night all. X Jo


That very much sums Lupus up!Best thing to do is give in to sleep.If your body needs it then it's really good to just do that.Like you Anjia I have been looking for work but deep down know it's not possible for me to do so.I love days when a good nights sleep makes you feel more energetic but I try to do too much then and feel awful the next day!Guess I never learn!


Thanks Anya. I didn't quite realise that there were others people who experience the days like me. I now try to do one thing per day, but it depends on what time I get up and groggy I feel. I am so demotivated and put things off. Wish I could get some ooomph!


Thanks for your comments. Last week was a bit non starter for me. Irs nice to know that other folk understand the frustrations. Hope you all ve feeling as energyful as possible.


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