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doctors again???????

well im of tomorrow to the hospital as normal he will take loads of blood; scrath his head and say see you next month,, but if he say's again go swimming it might easy the pain i will screem i carnt move nevermind try to put a swimming cozzie on!!!!!!! sometimes i think there a joke as he never gives me any answere's to why i carn't stop the shacking in my arm's and hand's and to have a night with compleat sleep

rant over lolol hope everone is ok i'm still comein to trems with everthin lupus throughs at us xx

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Like you,no real answers.Still having fevers and now an allergy from insect bites.Still no real answers to reaction problems and like you,as tired as i feel,I can,t sleep well.Will we ever come to any true understanding of Lupus?I do hope you have some good times as well as the bad.


hi you i have allergies to most things suffer from realy bad reaction from bees and wasps and even fure trees carnt tough conifers as my hands swell and itch like crazy i look like i have bannan hands it last for atleast a day even with the meds thay give youi even have to take anit-histermines in the winter mad i no....yes i do have good day's had a nice friday an saturday but sunday could'nt even walk so i gave up ..this week so far i dont think i will be dancing the night away (har har) let's hope the hemo doctor can help me this time but then again that don't no much about this condition so what help do we have but i do look like i'v had a nice holiday in the sun ( i wish) as im realy red with the rash over my face,neck and chest and arm's do you also get that? well wish me luck at the hospital hope thay have some answere's x


i call it the great comelian as after 10 years you just think your getting to know your disease and then it pops up in another form somewhere else hope you get some answers


Hiya, I've just recently been diagnosed with lupus and like you I am still coming to terms with it and what it means with regards lifestyle.


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