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Tired and feeble

Hi, just wanted to know if it usual with lupus to feel extremely tired after having a sickness bug, I was very sick on Friday, slept most of Saturday, and dragged myself to work on Sunday. Only to feel so tired Monday I could not go to work, and slept right through till 6 pm. I am off today but my whole body is tired, and I could fall asleep so easily, I feel I am being a bit feeble, but I just can't manage to get on top of things.

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Hello Frog.

This is within the bounds on normal. The process of healing demands a lot of resourses. During this time, eat a bit more than usual, have a few treats like some chocolate, a fresh mango or the odd cream cake.

Hey, it works for me.


I like your way of thinking!! I'm in bed with a flare, so that means I need chocolate!!


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