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Rashes - arrrrgggghhhh

For months now I have had a rash on my hands and lower arms ( yes it's around my mouth and on the side of one eye too - don't I feel just oh so sexy hehe) but my one hand is now driving me mad. Skin is flaking, cracking and open cracks are sometimes bleeding. It is hot, bright red, itches like crazy and like I said driving me mad with the pain.

I use factor 50 every day.

Roll on return visit to Dermatologist...........

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Take a picture if it comes and goes to show your doctor. Mine come and go very hot and itchy last week looked like I had red socks on. Never there when you go to a doctor, really don't know what triggers them. Take care.


Mine generally come with the sunshine on my hands and chest up to my face! they are not as bad now but when I was a child I was covered from head to foot - They told me I was allergic to the sun (LOL)

I use high factors all the time but the itching drives me mad.


I went out at the weekend, with my factor 50+ on and got caught in that rare orange thing in the sky, result: painful itchy rash on arms, neck and ears!! Driving me mad as it takes much longer to go away than it does to appear, then we had a Korma sauce from a jar last night and it flared up, wont be eating that one again.


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