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I have had scoliosis since age12, and 2 surgeries. I am now 34 and have had sle for past 5 years. I have Aldo been told possible slight fibo. This week i have been diagnosed with costochondritis. I was rushed to a and e as couldnt breathe. The pain is dibilitating. I already take the relevant meds but nothing works. I now have constant pain through the whole of my body. Does anybody else have costochondritis? Can you please offer some advice, thank you for reading.

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Best to consult with your doctors what Rxs are correct for your situation as all patients are different. All Rxs are not for all patients.

All helpful to manage Costochondritis: Rx Prednisone, Rx Florinef, Rx Albuteral, Rx Tramadol, various topical Rxs

Has Aronold Chiari 1 or Arnold Chiari 2 been ruled out?

Many patients with scoliosis have AC1/AC2.

Many patients with scoliosis and AC1/AC2 have costochondritis.

Many patients with AC1/AC2 are not diagnosed (requires an MRI of brain stem).

Must be certain it is Costochondritis and not something 'other'.

Many patients are misdiagnosed.

Please take care. Be well. Carry on strong.


Thank you for your advice. I had never heard of AC1/AC2 before but after reading up i will definately ask my consultant for relevant testing. Hopefully then i will get some answers and most of all some form of pain relief.

Thsnk you and take care.


I have suspected SLE tho not yet diagnosed, and since shortly before my first flare last year I have suffered frequent bouts of costocondritis. Each occasion the pain was excruciating and has varied from pain in my ribs at the back & the front, breathing and movement caused me often to cry out involuntarily.


Can you please describe the pain if possible? I had pericarditis 3 months ago and apparently that is now sorted but i have residual chest pain and sometimes difficulty filling my lungs with air. The chest pain varies from sharp either above the left breast or under left breast or dull and burning in the middle of the chest. Do you have something similar? What tests did you do to check for CC please, I'm considering asking my rheumatologist about it. Many thanks.


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