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I am convinced that the GP in my GP's title must stand for genuine pig, as I have just been to see him with regards to being signed back on to work. This was my request. He looked at me asked me about my bowels, this confused me greatly, I glanced at the computer screen to see he didn't even have the right patients notes in front of him and was reading someone elses! I advised him that he may have had the wrong notes. He then pulled up my notes and turned to me saying "Basically there is nothing wrong with you other than a few spots and a headache, work is the best tonic for people like you. You should not have been off at all. You have just been having us all on.You only have a skin problem." I felt so embarassed! I hate to think people think I am a fraud. I was so upset by his comments.

I have complained to the other GP who was extremely apologetic for my treatment. My father also complained as he was very upset and often has to help me when I am poorly. Dad reckons the NHS could save thousands as this GP dismissed the work of four consultants saying he knows best! If that were true there must be a few thousand in wages to save as this GP can do all these jobs there is no need to keep them on!

I have been unwell, and have had a diagnosis of DLE with SLE tendancies and have various appointments to attend to try and figure out whats wrong. I am not work shy,or a hypacondriac, and have never been out of a job! I have raised three children and cared for elderly members of my family . I am a Special Needs TA and I love my job. I look forward to going back after the holidays. It is hard it is to care for children with disabilities when you feel well, let alone exhausted and sore - even if it is just a 'skin problem!' As I am sure lots of people know! When I do return I shall make quite sure I have the right information infront of me before I ask anything of the children I care for. It would be very difficult for both children I look after if I muddled them up or was so judgememtal on their disabilties.

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with all the legislation covering sickness and benefits i believe that our gp's are tuning a little too political. i suggest they leave thier politics at home when dealing with sick patients!


Here here! perhaps if he had stayed at home I wouldn't have felt so stupid! Thanks for your support.


Bloody disgusting. Sorry that you have been treated like that, quite frankly I would have to complain until I got an apology. That said Its having the time and the energy to do so. I went to see a counsellor this week who I felt treated me a little like a second class citizen , he certainly did not understand why i should want to discuss me anxietys over my illness SLE clearly another non believer ! Afterall I looked fine and nothing was hanging off so surely that must mean I am fine!!!! I felt like i'd been sent off with a flea in my ear. It wasn't until after the incident that it hit me, then the rage set in!!!

Just another rat of society! (bitter me?)!

I Hope you get the respect you deserve in future and I wish you all the luck with that :)


Ahhh, not just me then! I too am sorry for your treatment. Do they think we make it up? I haven't got the time or as you say the energy to think up fictious symptoms! Anyway, good luck and keep going - we are a strong lot us lupus sufferers regardless of what people think!


I can't believe a doctor could talk to someone like that! Mind you my GP has started to get a bit curt with me and has always been so very supportive. There is lots going on we do not know about x


I think its so sad that you have been treated that way, don't know what else to say Nelly27 so I'm sending you a ((hug)) instead xx


Hi, my GP is wonderful. Until last July 2011 he never saw me. But now every 2 months I go back. I told him I wasn't incapacitated enough and he said if I need a letter just text him. He told me not to go on jobseekers, but to re apply for esa in 6 months time, as my condition and ability to do things will be aggrevated by the cold weather. This time I shall take a friend to drive me there and use my stick and ask for help when I get out of the chair and not scratch my head. What has this got to do with daily life, never mind getting out of bed, getting in the bath, getting off the loo, getting upstairs. Oh dear better quit now having a rant.


My GP is also a GENUINE PIG!! In fact most of them in the surgery are.

*deep breaths*

You have my empathy!!


Unfortunately most GPs are now so pressured with meeting hundreds of different government targets, they get far less time to spend on really listening to patients and some are dissatisfied and leaving because it is not what they entered medicine for. Absolutely no excuse for the way you were treated it was really dreadful, and you really should complain to the practice in writing. They have to respond to you. Chances are you are not the first to complain about this particular person, and a record of the number of complaints they receive has to be forwarded elsewhere. Do not worry that you will no longer be welcome at the practice if you want to stay with them, they cannot remove you from their list for complaining.

Seems to me if anyone has a chronic problem, some, not all I hasten to add, see us as time wasters and that is why support groups like this are so helpful.


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