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Fumbling and mumbling when talking to the consultant

Anyone else get this? I was very poorly for the past 4+wks and really truly thought I was having a flare, so left a message on my Rheum hotline on Friday to have a chat with the nurse. Due to a conference I didn't get a call back until this morning, by which time my symptoms have calmed down except for one... well when trying to explain to the consultant, who very kindly called, my symptoms and how it had all changed over the weekend... I was a mumbling stumbling mess who couldn't get the words out properly and it all sounded VERY lame... pathetic!

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this is called lupus fog .dont worry bout it :-)


Hi Momo_special

How about trying to keep a daily diary of symtoms when there at their worst, so that when you have to speak to your consultant again you can read it out to them - I found it quite useful. :)


Thanks DustyDile.. I should do this keep a diary... I will aim to do it from now!


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